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I am trying to use a CEvent to make my thread wait until the message queue is ready as per MSDN's advice so that my PostThreadMessage function will work correctly.

BOOL MFC_Thread::InitInstance(){
BOOL worked=CWinThread::InitInstance();
MSG msg;
BOOL result=PeekMessage(&msg, NULL, WM_USER, WM_USER, PM_NOREMOVE);
    fingerveinControllerThreadReady->SetEvent();//Breakpoint 1
    return TRUE;

void init(){
    controllerThreadReady=new CEvent(FALSE, FALSE);
CWinThread* thread=AfxBeginThread(RUNTIME_CLASS(MFC_Thread));
WaitForSingleObject(controllerThreadReady, INFINITE);
    DoSomething();//Breakpoint 2

Unfortunately, it seems that the WaitForSingleObject isn't doing its job. Sometimes Breakpoint 1 is hit first, sometimes Breakpoint 2. When Breakpoint 2 is hit first, I receive WAIT_FAILED with the cause ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE. Why is this happening?

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That might be because you're passing the CEvent object instead of its handle.

Try this:

WaitForSingleObject(controllerThreadReady.m_hObject, INFINITE);

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I am using the operator HANDLE: doesn't this get the handle of the operator? –  Casebash Feb 14 '11 at 5:37
Okay, I tried your advice and it seems to work now. Do you know what the operator is for then? –  Casebash Feb 14 '11 at 5:43
You weren't using operator HANDLE: you were calling WaitForSingleObject with a CEvent* as the first argument. Since HANDLE is a typedef for a void* this is accepted, and the call was trying to interpret the CEvent* as a handle. To use the operator would require something like WaitForSingleObject((HANDLE)*controllerThreadReady,...) –  DavidK Feb 22 '11 at 21:24

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