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What is the allowed format for PayPal's Website Payments Standard (WPS) forms in the "amount" field? Must the decimal point be ".", or is it currency-dependant? Must there always be exactly two decimal places, or can there also be three (for currencies that have such small nominations) or none (for currencies that have hyper-inflation)?

I know that this should be a question for PayPal's documentation/forums, but the first has a vast room for improvement (to say the least) and the second is as speedy as a sleeping snail. I have posted a question there, but I don't expect any replies sooner than about two weeks. Hopefully someone here will have an idea.

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Looks like it's not currency dependent and the API is expecting at most two (2) decimal places with a period separator.


[...] Limitations: Value must be a positive number. No currency symbol. Must have two decimal places, decimal separator must be a period (.), and the optional thousands separator must be a comma (,).

Website Payments Standard Button Manager API Overview

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