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on my hosting root all the domain that i have integrated to hosting on separate folder. my question is why when i'm getting to domain root (let say www.youdomain.com) it's always shows with other folder like (www.youdomian.com/youdomain/) is there any way to bypass this?

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About the only thing you can do is just ensure all your links to your site are to the right URLs. I haven't found anyway to prevent this. It has something to do with the underlying directory structure that GoDaddy is using to make it look like it's own domain.

I know it's cheaper, but a proper account for the domain is the only way I've eliminated this.

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what do you mean by proper account? each hosting plan for each domain? –  Gayan Ranasinghe Feb 14 '11 at 6:07
Yes, either a separate account for the domain, or access to IIS to fully implement domains the regular way. GoDaddy's just using a bit of a "trick" to make this work. It's not the "real thing". –  Jonathan Wood Feb 14 '11 at 6:11
so i don't believe every one doing like this because the solution is very expensive. don't you have any suggestions to bypass this problem? –  Gayan Ranasinghe Feb 14 '11 at 6:41
Just because you don't like my suggestions doesn't mean I haven't offered any. I have dozens of domains. I host the cheaper ones this way. AFAIC, there is no way to prevent this on those domains. –  Jonathan Wood Feb 14 '11 at 6:48
you mean your all domain loads with www.domain1.com/domain1/ www.domain2.com/domain2/ www.domain3.com/domain3/ so on? we don't have any methord to load our domain like www.domian1.com only? –  Gayan Ranasinghe Feb 14 '11 at 7:06

For GoDaddy, the only way to prevent being able to access the second domain from "firstdomain.com/seconddomain" would be though some kind of URL-rewriting or htaccess file configuration.

You'll find Godaddy shared hosting is in general not good at hosting multiple websites, just google it and you'll find lots of people having problems. I had an awful couple days trying to get it to work, the details of the problems and official solutions provided by godaddy I wrote in an article, could be useful: http://www.l2internet.com/articles/host-multiple-websites-on-godaddy-shared-hosting/

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