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Hi Experts I want to use Lambda Expression and write this code:

Func<Regions, SelectAllRegion> Select = r => new {r.RegionID,r.RegionDescription};

but I does not works.It raise this Error:

Cannot implicitly convert type 'AnonymousType#1' to 'SelectAllRegion'

How should I write this code?

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I suspect you want:

Func<Regions, SelectAllRegion> Select = r => new SelectAllRegion {
                                      RegionID = r.RegionID,
                                      RegionDescription = r.RegionDescription };

That's assuming you've got a suitable SelectAllRegion class. The lambda expression you posted converts a a Regions into an anonymous type - which is always the result of new { ... }. That can only (usefully) be used in the context of type inference, rather than a simple variable declaration as you've got here.

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Your first line returns an anonymous type. You want to return a SelectAllRegion - something like this:

Func<Regions, SelectAllRegion> Select = r => new SelectAllRegion()
    {RegionID = r.RegionID, RegionDescription = r.RegionDescription};
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