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When i try to compile netbeans projects i get this message/error : "Please wait - classpath scanning in progress..."

and nothing happens , its like you have have to wait for enternity to conmpile "hello world"...

Now the first thing is that we have moved to a new office building, but the laptop is the same. It's a very secure enviroment with a lot of "security", can't connect anywhere almost. Also i have changed the user dir in netbeans.conf to save my data in c:\Program Files\User

Any ideas how to fix this? alrady tried reinstalling netbeans, changing save location between standart and newone...

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Found out the solution, for some reason i had few (like 3) Netbeans Projects folders, and netbeans was scanning all of them and freezing, deleted 2- probl;em solved –  user615927 Feb 23 '11 at 7:09

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Just some ideas to find the problem

  • Look at the CPU - is netbeans busy (100% on one core) or blocking (95% idle)?
  • Standard, ant or maven build? Where are your libraries and do you use absolute or relative paths?
  • Start with a simple "hello world" project (no dependencies), then add one lib (log4j or something similiar), located in a project folder and - if this works - move that lib to other locations (choose locations similiar to the libs on the real classpath)

There is a chance, that you don't have access rights to the folders/shares that contain your libraries. Or, as you mentioned security, that some virus scanner blocks access to some highly dangerous libs...

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1.netbeans uses 2-5% CPU ~95% idle :) but when time passes(after like 5 min) ram usadge increases from 200mb to 440mb and CPU usadge increases 6-16%?! 2. Standart build libraries in standart places... 3.Hello world doesn't compile at all ... –  user615927 Feb 14 '11 at 13:10
after like 18 minutes netbeans uses 0.5gb ram; program compiled, cpu back to ~3 %?! –  user615927 Feb 14 '11 at 13:30
any ideas @Andreas_D? –  user615927 Feb 14 '11 at 14:01
@user615927 - unfortunatly not - and I must admit, I'm no netbeans expert, eclipse is what I know. I was hoping that my post helped identifying the problem. –  Andreas_D Feb 14 '11 at 14:37

I deleted all the files under the .netbeans/7.0/modules directory. Although I lost some configurations of the IDE, it started to work pretty fine.


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This seems interesting issue as per you have specified ! Somewhere, the netbeans documentation writes that the issue has already been resolved. However, for your information please have a look on : Scanning Project Classpaths takes too long

This link may or may not be helpful to you. But, the discussion may provide chance to resolve it.

Thank you.

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