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I have a winform project build on VS 2005 and framework 2. Recently, we moved to VS 2010, but keeping the framework v2 as target.

Everything runs fine except my web references.

When I update the web references, a new file "Reference1.cs" is created, under the reference.map file. This is causing troubles as original "Reference.cs" is still here and all classes are duplicated.

Here is the project structure :

  • My winform project
    • Web references
      • MyWebServiceReference
        • WebService.disco
        • webservice.wsdl
        • Reference.map
          • mycomplextype.datasource
          • Reference.cs
          • Reference1.cs

On the reference.map file, I have a custom tool defined : MSDiscoCodeGenerator. This custom tool seems to throw a warning :

Warning 1 A custom tool 'MSDiscoCodeGenerator' is associated with file 'Web References\MyWebService\Reference.map', but the output of the custom tool was not found in the project. You may try re-running the custom tool by right-clicking on the file in the Solution Explorer and choosing Run Custom Tool.

If I run the custom tool, the file reference1.cs is generated...

thanks in advance for the help.

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I would try deleting the web reference and re-adding instead of updating. –  Matt F Feb 14 '11 at 9:30
@Matt F: you can answer the question to get the reputation –  Steve B Sep 5 '11 at 9:19

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I would try deleting the web reference and re-adding instead of updating.

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