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I am working on a basic graph implementation(Adj List based) in C so that I can re-use the basic structure to solve all graph related problems.

To map a graph I draw on a paper,I want the best and easiest way. Talking of the way I take the input rather then how should I go about implementing it! :)

Should I make an input routine which asks for all the nodes label first and then asks for what all edges are to be connected based on two labels?

What could be a good and quick way out? I want an easy way out which lets me spend less amount of energy on the "Input".

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Best is to go for input of an edge list,

that is triplets of,

Source, Destination, Cost

This routine can be used to fill Adj List and Adj Matrix.

With the latter, you would need to properly initialize the Matrix though and setup a convention to determine non existent edges.

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For the source,destination,cost triplet to work, we need to have the nodes in memory right? – Nitish Upreti Feb 14 '11 at 11:01
You can keep them anywhere, even in database. – Shamim Hafiz Feb 14 '11 at 11:22

Here you find details about representation of graph:
However here some codes in c++ and java are also given,which you can easily convert to C codes.

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