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I am trying to convert a webpage with @font-face custom fonts to a pdf using wkhtmltopdf. The software gives me the following error when trying to do that conversion (when not using @font-face it works perfectly):

wkhtmltopdf-i386: undefined symbol: FcFreeTypeQueryFace

I've found someone else with the same issue on the internet and apparently he fixed the problem doing this:

Knowing that the problem was with libfontconfig, I went about updating it. I downloaded the source for version 2.4.2 (only needed the FcFreeTypeQueryFace call) from

I did a ./configure and make, and the file was created in src/.libs/.

I copied this file to /usr/lib/ and pointed the existing files to the new one.


So far I've been able to do the ./configure and get the proper file from src/.libs/. Now I'm stuck on trying to point the existing files to the new one, some help with that would be appreciated.

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For me it ended up working renaming the old to, then renaming the new file I'd built to This might not be the best way to do it but it worked for me without linking or changing all kinds of configuration.

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