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What C# book would you suggest for C/C++ programmer?

I'm an experienced C++ developer. It's finally time for me to make the switch (once and for all) from C++ to C#.

Which is the best book (or online tutorial) I could read on C# that takes into consideration my C++ knowledge and builds from that?

Here are some resources I've already found:

Looking forward for more!

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Check out the list here (C# section) stackoverflow.com/questions/194812/… –  Julius A Feb 14 '11 at 9:52
Most important thing you need to know is that, even so it has the syntax of a destructor, a finalizer doesn't correspond to a C++ destructor and should (almost) never be used. The equivalent of a destructor is IDisposible.Dispose with the using statement. –  CodesInChaos Feb 14 '11 at 10:01

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Having knowledge in C++ is an absolute added advantage for you to be moving to C#. You should have far less problems in learning C# from here.

I would suggest to go through HEAD FIRST C# which is really good one to begin with.

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Dunno, I really think Head First C# is for beginners, especially considering the style and presentation. As a experienced C++ programmer, you wouldn't want to be told what classes and objects are right? ;) –  gideon Feb 14 '11 at 10:32
@giddy - True. You are right, but then almost all concepts are same from c++ to c#, so only thing you will look is for basic syntaxes which head first will provide to understand in easy manner. Other advanced books can be used for references and there is always MSDN too. –  Sachin Shanbhag Feb 14 '11 at 10:52

I recommend you the book Professional C# 4 and .NET 4 by Christian Nagel and others published by Wrox. This is a good book for those who know other language well and have experience in developing but want to learn .NET via C#.

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I cannot recommend a book, since I leant C# a decade ago. However, if you are C++ developer then you know all the theory already. C# just makes it easier. The two things to remember in C# is Garbage Disposal (GC) and the the run time library (CLR and .NET Framework Class Library (FCL)).

GC allows you to forget about disposing of objects. The CLR will de-allocate the heap objects when they are no longer being referenced. This is like LISP 4 decades ago!

You should spend your time learning about the FCL. FCL is all about making your life easier. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framework_Class_Library

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Charles Petzold, of Programming Windows fame, wrote a free eBook called ".NET Book Zero, or What the C or C++ Programmer Needs to Know About C# and the .NET Framework", available at http://www.charlespetzold.com/dotnet/

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I suggest you to write C# code looking on C++ code, you can get some program written in C++ and begin to try write it in C#. This will be the most helpful for you to teach and improve your skills in teaching C# !!!

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