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I have I Submit button that not take my htmlAttribute. I made the button to make the button optional disabled and that works, but the html attribute is ignored. Can anyone tell what is wrong with my code:

public static string SubmitType<T>(this HtmlHelper<T> helper, string name, string value, bool disabled, object htmlAttributes)
            var builder = new TagBuilder("input");

            builder.Attributes.Add("type", "submit");
            builder.Attributes.Add("name", name);
            builder.Attributes.Add("value", value);
            builder.Attributes.Add("id", name);
            builder.MergeAttributes(new RouteValueDictionary(htmlAttributes));

                       if (disabled)
                builder.Attributes.Add("disabled", "disabled");

            return builder.ToString();

Thank's for help!

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Can you provide an example of how you're calling the SubmitType helper, the parameters you're passing into it, and the string it's generating that you believe to be incorrect? –  Levi Feb 15 '11 at 8:28
You might want to see source code of MVC and then see how they merge attributes in it. You can do it in similar way. –  IsmailS May 5 '11 at 11:41

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