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I am writing a batch file wherein I have read the filenames of all the files in a directory and then look for a particular string in the filenames. I am able to get the filenames but unable to find a way to search for a particular string in the filename.

e.g. Name of the file is abc_account_march_2010.csv. I have to check if the filename contains the word "account" in it or not if it does then rename the file.

this is what I have done to get the file name.

FOR /R %completepath% %%G IN (*.csv) DO (
  echo %%~nG

%completepath% - is the path to my directory/folder.


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You can simply use the wildcard that includes account.

FOR /R %completepath% %%G IN (*account*.csv) DO (
  echo %%~nG

If you still need to process all *.csv files and additionally rename those, that have 'account' in their names, then here's how you could check that:

FOR /R %completepath% %%G IN (*.csv) DO call :process "%%~nG"

SET %name%=%~1
SET chkname=%name:*account=?%
IF "%chkname:~0,1%"=="?" (
  ECHO %name% -- this is account file!
) ELSE (
  ECHO %name% -- this is NOT account file
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Maybe grep can help you?

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FOR /F "usebackq delims= " %%m IN (`findstr /c:"-stringtolookfor" "*.csv"`) DO 
   set first_word_in_this_line=%%m
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