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for i in {0..3}; do ping$i.html; done

A host should be found at

I get this error for all pings:

ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

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html pages != hosts. If you want to check if the three web pages actually exist, use wget. If you only want to check if the host is up, ping

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You can't ping an address, you can only ping the domain aka

If your trying to find the pages that actually contain content, you will need to use something like wget and combine that with grep to check the content.

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You're confusing protocols here. HTTP has nothing to do with ICMP pings.

That said, you can ping because it resolves to an IP. On the other hand, there's no DNS resolution for simply because that's an URL, not a host. Browsers first resolve via DNS, then they make a HTTP request for the page itself.

I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. You may want to simply ping

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I think you're going about this problem the wrong way. Have you tried Have you tried Googling that number?

(Assuming that your URL isn't just an example, of course.)

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