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I want to develop a GUI like Yahoo Pipes.

Can anyone suggest some library or framework?

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I was about to ask this same question whenever I came across an awesome library myself. I know this response is way late, but hopefully it will help others looking for a similar resource.

The library is called WireIt and is released under the MIT license.

WireIt Library

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jsPlumb is also a great library for "yahoo pipes"-like GUI:http://www.jsplumb.org/jquery/demo.html. You can use it with mootools, jquery or YUI. It works on SVG, Canvas or VML. iIt does not include forms but I guess you can open one with some attached event on connectors.

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I'd probably start with Raphaël

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Seems not supporting latest IE –  tapioco123 Feb 15 '11 at 16:52

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