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Using the tooltip plugin from the jQuery Tools I succesfully generate a tooltip with the following code.

    tip: "#tooltip_prijskaart",
    position: "bottom center",
    delay: 1200,
    events: {
        def: 'click,mouseout',
        tooltip: 'mouseenter,mouseleave'
    offset: [0, 90]

The tooltip itsself is a simple HTML with anchor links in it, these links link to PDF files. When clicked, the PDF gets streamed and downloaded. After this process, the tooltip does not detect an hover anymore. When the target is clicked the tooltip opens, but the leaving the target closes the tooltip; the tooltip hover event does not seem to trigger (tested in Firefox 3.6 and IE8).

Does anyone have an idea why after clicking in a link the tooltip the mouseenter and mouseleave events as defined do not register anymore?

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Does it work if you remove the href attribute from the a element?

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