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I have a mysql database with a blob field containing a zip and I need to save it as a file on disk, from bash. I'm doing the following but the end result doesn't read as a zip... Am I doing something wrong or is the file stored not actually a zip (the entry in the database is actually created by a seismological station, so I have no control over it)?

echo "USE database; SELECT blobcolumn FROM table LIMIT 1" | mysql -u root >

then I open with a file editor and remove first line which contains the column header. Then 'unzip' doesn't recognize it as a zip file.

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For a gzipped blob you can use:

echo "use db; select blob from table where id=blah" | mysql -N --raw -uuser -ppass > mysql.gz

I have not tried this with a zip file.

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you would need to skip column, like

sql="USE database; SELECT blobcolumn FROM table LIMIT 1"
mysql -u root -N <<< $sql >
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this gave me a "$sql: ambiguous redirect" error; however using the -N option with my syntax (echo "" | mysql) worked... but the file is still not a zip so I guess maybe there's something wrong with the db – nareto Feb 17 '11 at 9:35
should be a <<< – ajreal Feb 17 '11 at 11:33

The proper way to do this would be to use DUMPFILE, otherwise mysql will mess up your data.

mysql -uroot -e "SELECT blobcolumn INTO DUMPFILE '/tmp/' FROM table LIMIT 1" database

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