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We are using Canon CR-180 MICR scanner in our application for scanning cheques and bills.

Generally we use a batch of 20 cheques at a time in scanner. In our application we read the values of cheque like bank id, cheque number, account number, check digit from the bottom of cheque.

For that we are using CanonCr.dll in our application and calling seom methods of that dll.

But now we are facing following very strange and random issues:-

  1. It is not returning the MICR data for some cheques means not reading the MICR data from the scanner by using that function.

  2. Some times it fetches wrong data for cheques, means suppose we are scanning 10 cheques so it is putting the data of 2nd second cheque into 6th cheque and the same for other cheques.

We checked at our end in application and found no issue here; it can be due to the speed of scanning at scanner, because that could be the reason for not fetching the cheque values or putting the wrong values of cheque from one cheque to another. So due to fast scanning speed sometimes scanner is not able to read values or could not be able to distinguish the correct cheque values.

For that we talked to canon support team regarding the speed of scanner, we asked them is there any way to slow down the scanning speed or put a delay in scanning process but unfortunately we did not find such option.

Is there anybody using the Canoncr.dll or having support contact info.

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