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how can I compress (minify) my JavaScript and CSS files dynamically in Typo3?


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I suggest using the scriptmerger extension. It automatizes this task for you.

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this only works reliably when you don't use generated js. –  mtness Apr 25 '13 at 9:26

You could use Typoscript (since 4.6):

config {
  concatenateJs = 1
  concatenateCss = 1

  compressJs = 1
  compressCss = 1

page {
  includeJS {
    myFile1 = fileadmin/js_file1.js

    myFile2 = fileadmin/js_file2.js
    myFile2.excludeFromConcatenation = 1

  includeCSS {
    myFile1 = fileadmin/css_file1.css

    myFile2 = fileadmin/css_file2.css
    myFile2.disableCompression = 1

See the TSref documentation

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You could always do them manually using services like

http://www.minifycss.com/ & http://www.minifyjs.com/

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Thanks - but I need a dynamic process for Typo3. –  koalabruder Feb 14 '11 at 12:32

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