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I would like to extract word from tag like

<li>{firstname} {last name}</li>

So, can I get extract strings "firstname" and "last name" using javascipt or jquery?

Actually I think I have made some mistake to explain.

my String looks like

<li><a href="#contactDetail">{firstname} {lastname}</a></li>

here i would like to know how many parameters available means {first..} {last...} that can be only {fi..} and I would like replace with some other parameters.

So, I have a list of array which includes many parameters like firstname, lastname, address and so on... now I would like to replace that with according to what i will get from string.

Hopefully, I have tried my best to explain my problem.

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What if someones name is Jan Willen van Boeken, where Jan Willen is his first name, van Broeken his last name. NO way to detect that... – jerone Feb 14 '11 at 13:11
The question is, are the curly brackets part of the string or not. – jAndy Feb 14 '11 at 13:14

if the li element is part of the dom use something like:

var names = $('body ul li').text().split(' ');
var firstName = names[0];
var lastName = names[1];
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You could try something like this.


<ol id="names">
    <li>Jason Brown</li>
    <li>Danny Glover</li>
    <li>Jack Jill</li>


    var firstNames = [];
    var lastNames = [];

    $("#names li").each(function(){
       var text = $(this).text().split(' ');


Puts each word into an array that is separated by a space. You an then grab the values from the array.

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