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I am working with a legacy VB6/COM application which sometimes causes Windows 7 to crash. I have now generated a .dmp file of one of these crashes using the ProcDump tool from Sysinternals. However, I have never worked with dump files before. Which resources would you recommend for getting started with dump file analysis?

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There are some books such as "Advanced Windows Debugging" or the books on this guy's blog that can help.

There is also knowing assembler that you will need.

Use WinDbg or any other debugger. The above mentioned book is for WinDbg specifically though.

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Some more links that might be usefull

WinDBG and tools:

.Net extension for WinDBG:

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Perhaps the most important Windbg command to learn is !analyze -v -- it will perform some heuristics to work out where the actual source of the crash is likely to be (which isn't necessarily the stored call stack) and give you a very useful summary. –  the_mandrill Jul 11 '13 at 12:43

You can use Microsoft Software Development KIT which includes windbg to analyze the dump files, but its required a large download, the simple application is bluescreenview which will analyze the dump file, and shows what module make problem here is the link.

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