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What are some projects which are examples of best pratices for ASP.NET MVC?

I'd like to see examples of fairly large projects.

I'm already looking at Kigg. Any others?

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What about the storefront?


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Consider Code Camp Server, besides being a good MVC example it's also a good example of some of the practices from Domain Driven Design, NHibernate etc.

There's also S#arp Architecture which is more of a web framework built on top of aspnet-mvc.

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The asp.net mvc version of the Beerhouse starter kit is nice to study as well.



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We just put out the second beta release for the TheBeerHouse MVC, its pretty solid place to start if you want to learn about MVC, LINQ to SQL, and jQuery.

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Uhh StackOverflow? :)

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While SO is a good example of an implemented MVC site, the OP obviously means projects with source available. –  Richard Szalay Jan 31 '09 at 20:50
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Kigg and Oxite seem like the best ones I've found so far.

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