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OK I don't see what's wrong here:

When browsing this site in IE7, the divs with IDs #blog and #social are not being displayed. The reason seems to be the #content div, which has a different height in IE7 vs IE8/FF/Chrome. But I don't see what I'm doing wrong.

Fun fact: the site displays better in IE6 than it does in IE7 :-)

Any ideas?

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I've tested this in IE7 and Firefox.

You just need to move around a bunch of your <div> tags, and add a single new one (highlighted below).

Here's what Firebug looked like after I'd finished:


(I did the same thing in IE7 first, and it fixed your problem. Then, I did the same in Firefox to make sure the fix won't kill it in modern browsers.)

Here's my attempt at a textual description of what I did:

  • I moved #blog, #social and #footer respectively to outside and after #content.
  • I wrapped a new <div> around #blog and #social, with these styles:
    margin: 0 auto; width: 960px.
  • I swapped around a few things concerning #buttons, to make them consistent between FF and IE7:
    • On ul#buttons li, remove margin: 10px 0, and add float: left.
    • On ul#buttons li a, remove float: left and add display: block.
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Thanks @thirtydot, now everything looks consistent cross-browser – Stijn Van Loo Feb 14 '11 at 16:30

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