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i got a (hopefully) simple problem with a Code Template on Eclipse. I try to use a Code Template to surround a word with somehing. The Replacement is nearly successful, but i have a problem with handling the selected word.

My task is to select "save " on this example

<button type="submit">save</button>

and want to have

<button type="submit"><?= $this->_('save') ?></button>

The problem is, that i got this after replacement

<button type="submit">save<?= $this->_('save') ?></button>

Is there a possibility to remove the selected word after using a code template? I am thankful for every help i get. Smile

I forgot, the template looks like this:

<?= $$this->_('${word_selection}') ?>${cursor}
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Maybe this question is somewhat old, but I came across the same idea in Java for adding String constants by simply typing the desired name and then replace it with a template, like this for example:

type VALUE and get it replaced with private static final String VALUE = "VALUE";

I use eclipse 3.6 and got it working with the following template:

private static final String ${word_selection} = "${word_selection}";

Then I do the following steps:

  1. type VALUE
  2. select it by double-clicking and hit CTRL+SPACE
  3. enter first few chars for the template name in the opened proposal pop-up and select the template (see image below)

    eclipse template

  4. hit ENTER

And the result is this:

replaced word with definition

Maybe this is helpful.

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Using templates and the ${line_selection} or ${word_selection} variables, Eclipse (Helios, 3.6.1 here) always seems to insert the rendered template after the text you initially selected.

I've experienced this myself (in the HTML editor) while trying to implement a similar 'Surround with Tag' template, and gave up and reverted to using Ctrl+1 (after selecting text), and using 'Surround with new element...'. Unfortunately this workaround doesn't help you much w/ PHP.

Possible bug report?

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I though my bad feeling come true and it is realy not possible to use code templates in this special case, damn. :) Did you know, if there is a possiblity to define own "Surround with" parts in HTML Editor, to hack the wanted effect in a way? Thanks for your help! :) –  Maikel Feb 15 '11 at 14:51
You are supposed to be able to do this with ${line_selection} but it doesn't seem to work in HTML mode. See this blog post: vasanth.in/2008/08/12/eclipse-tip-custom-surround-with –  Brando_Calrissian Feb 15 '11 at 17:37
Thank you very much for your help... i recognized, that what i need is not really possible in eclipse. Too bad. :/ –  Maikel Feb 16 '11 at 9:35

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