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I'm designing a blog for someone who wants to use a custom size for every single image.

The easiest way would be to just have a field on the image uploader next to where it asks 'medium, large' etc. saying "Width:_". Then the image will be scaled to be that width and embedded in the post at that size.

I can see there would be lots of ways to hack this in, or write a plug in to do it - but is there an easy way to do this, or an existing plug in?

Thanks! Cole

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If the user is logged in, writting a post/page, once they click to upload a picture, if they are on the visual editor. then just click on the image and select the "Edit Image" button that pops up, the dialog window opens with 2 tabs at the top, click on "Advance settings" tab and they can select the width & height from there?

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That's one option, but unfortunately it only changes the width/height in the CSS - I'm looking to get WP to generate and display a real thumbnail. –  Cole Feb 14 '11 at 22:32
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The best solution I found to this was the plugin by Walter Vos, http://www.waltervos.com/wordpress-plugins/additional-image-sizes/ which allows you to specify new image sizes globally. It's well written and did just what we needed.

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