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Is there any alternatives out there for developing an online application with video, webcam and mic features aside from flash? Just like and

Thanks! G

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Maybe Java, maybe Silverlight... that'd be it though. Unfortunately, I'm not versed in either, so I can't tell you definitively. AFAIK, HTML5 still doesn't give you access to those portions of the client's machine. (webcam, mic) – greatdecay Feb 15 '11 at 1:06

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As of today? Nothing is out there.

  • HTML5 is just not there yet. Give it a year or three. Maybe.
  • Java has never done well in this space, and things are not getting better.
  • Silverlight would be the strongest option I could think of, but support is far from as universal as Flash.

The term "online application" implies you want it browser based. If so, then native clients are probably out of the question.

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