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When creating a web service server using Netbeans, Maven, Metro and Tomcat, how can I use relative filepaths in the wsit configuration?

For example, I have this line inside the wsit file:

<sc:KeyStore wspp:visibility="private" location="SERVER_KeyStore.jks" type="JKS" storepass="*****" alias="*****"/>

where should I put the jks file so it matches that location?

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Finally, I found the answer.

when providing the keystore/trustore name and location in the wsit-*.xml files, please note that they'll be loaded as resources scanning the META-INF directory in your package (WEB-INF/classes/META-INF when using war packages on JBoss Application Server 5).

from JBossWS - Stack Metro User Guide

In my case that means adding a META-INF folder to my resources folder and add <include>**/*.jks</include> to the pom file.

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