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I have 3 javascript functions:

validateClk(), validateAmPm() and getClks()

And on two occurring events, they get executed as follows:

OnChange - executes validateClk() and validateAmPm()

OnClick - executes getClks() (getClks() returns a boolean value)

All 3 functions run correctly, but the problem is, after getClks() has finished execution and returns a boolean, the next function postClocks() doesn't run. I'm very sure that the code for postClocks() is correct as well. If I don't use the return statement for getClks() then the getClks() function doesn't work as expected.

Please help :(

<script type='text/javascript'>
    function validateClk() {
        var clks = clocks.value;
        if (clks == "") {
            alert('Enter time');
        else { ... }

<script type='...'>
    function validateAMPM() {
        var ampm= ap.value;
        if  (ampm=="") {
            alert('Enter am or pm');

<script type='text/...'>
    function getClks() {
        var clks= clock.value;
        var ampm= ap.value;
        if (clks==" && ampm="") {
            alert('Enter time and am/pm');
            return false;
        else { ... }
        return true;

<... onChange="validateClk(); validateAmPm();" />

<... button label="Submit" onClick="return getClks(); postClocks(); return false;" />
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have all of your custom functions return boolean then change the onclick event to this:

onClick="if(!getClks() || !postClocks()) return false;"

assuming you don't want to continue if invalid

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@K Ivanov :This works! Thanks so much! :D –  uno Feb 14 '11 at 16:34

It's because you explicitly coded a return in there.

return getClks();
return false;

That code will always just exit after that first return statement. I suggest removing it.

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You wrote

onClick="return getClks(); postClocks(); return false;"

You have to remove the first "return".

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Thanks guys:) But, like I said earlier, if I remove the 1st return statement and just write onClick='getClks(); postClocks();return false;' then, my getClks() function doesn't display the alerts as expected. –  uno Feb 14 '11 at 16:27
hmm, ok... what is the expected behaviour and what happens instead? I think the getClks should have the same behaviour, beacause the "return" has no effect on the code inside getClks. –  hacksteak25 Feb 14 '11 at 16:33
Thankyou for helping, hacksteak25! :) I tried K Ivanov's suggestion and it works. My problem is solved :) –  uno Feb 14 '11 at 16:36

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