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I have a Content Project for an XNA game, but I'm embedding the game inside a WinForm so I'm not actually using the Microsoft.XNA.Framework.Game class.

How can I make the Content project build with the WinForm's project? I tried adding it as a reference, but the Project isn't listed to be added.

To make it clear, I have two projects in my solution:

  • KinectGraphics
  • XNARenderContent

How can I make XNARenderContent build along with my KinectGraphics' project?

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As you are using a WinForms application, can I draw your attention to this article.

As Alexei has said, you can change the Build Order if this is causing you a problem.

If you are struggling to get the Content project in your WinForms application as a reference, then I would definitely take a look at the link above.

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"Project -> Project Dependencies" dialog allows you to specify dependencies, so projects will be built in particular order.

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The content project does not appear there. –  Malfist Feb 14 '11 at 19:17

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