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How would i be able to use the GetIsInDesignMode from inside a converter? It seems that the method requires the parent user control/window, a variable which is not accessible when inside a converter.

Example :

public class CellImageConverter : IValueConverter
      public object Convert(object value, Type targetType, object parameter, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture)
          if (DesignerProperties.GetIsInDesignMode(??))


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I came across a few answers searching for "DesignerProperties wpf". This method from http://sweux.com/blogs/laranjeira/index.php/wpf/design-mode-wpf/how-to-get-design-mode-property-in-wpf/ is quite simple.

DesignerProperties.GetIsInDesignMode(new DependencyObject());
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That is painfully simple and very correct... Thank you!(+1) –  OrPaz Feb 14 '11 at 18:15

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