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I am trying to figure out how the get the featured area

at http://blueoceanportfolios.com to link to webpages rather than displaying it within the featured box on the left .

This area is using JS file to display the videos on content in the featured box when different items on the menu are clicked, here is the working example :


Okay , The problem: Loading a new webpage rather than displaying the content at featured box at the homepage of above website

Tried solutions: linking to javascript functions like onclick="window.location="http://someplace.com";" etc but still the content loads up in the featured box , try clicking on 2) it displays stackoverflow.com rather than loading new page.

Any suggestions ?

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 <script type="text/javascript">

... is not the way to add event handlers to an element. If you want those anchors to link to a web page, put the URL in the href attribute like any normal link:

<a href="http://someplace.com">Link text</a>
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