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This is what I want to do but not sure if it could be done.

my first view contains 3 buttons. When this view is displayed, I need to present a ModalPopup for the login. When the authenfication is done, the user can tap on one of the 3 buttons. When the button is taped, I need to switch this view to a TabBarController and active the correct TabBarItem regarding the button. Most of the TabBarItems can contain a SplitViewController.

I read several posts and tutorial about the SplitViewController but most of them show how to run a splitViewController from the appDelegate controller.

Then my first question would be.. is it possible :-) The second one, would be, how?


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Mortoc is correct about UISplitViewController needing to be the root controller.

You can use MGSplitViewController as a drop-in replacement for UISplitViewController - and it doesn't have this limitation.

It sounds as if your hierarchy might be something like

UINavigationController (root)
  UIViewController (3 buttons)
    MGSplitViewController (1)
    MGSplitViewController (n)
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Hi you all.. Thanks for your reply... I m starting to understand how MGSPlitViewController works... Tom, do you have any example with this controller.. I m fighting to see how to integrate it from a viewController.. (I m talking about the your (MGSPlitViewController (1)). Don't know really IB and from the example with the controller it uses the MainWindow.xib... thanks anyway... – Stan92 Feb 14 '11 at 20:24
I dont have any examples. You dont' need IB to use it - it's just a viewcontroller/view. What is your problem, specifically? – TomSwift Feb 18 '11 at 15:08

Sorry, you'll have to roll your own SplitViewController equivalent. Apple only supports UISplitViewController as the root view item: it has to be the first view loaded in your application and it's size is fixed.

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