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I am having one of those horrible days where absolutely everything is broken.

I'm trying to deploy my application to my iPhone. I have done a full system restore to 4.2.1 on both devices. The iPhone is simply having none of it: http://cl.ly/3O1C242k210T2I0w253Q -- What's going wrong?

Organiser picks the iPhone up no problem, gives it the green light, but XCode won't deploy the app: 'No provisioned iOS device is connected'

I have tried:

  • rebooting the computer, restarting X code, plugging in the iPhone, attempting to deploy. pretty much every combination thereof.

  • organiser -> deleting and recreating Xcode's default provisioning profile

  • target settings -> making sure the correct provisioning profile is selected which it is

  • going onto developer.apple.com -> provisioning portal, and making sure X code automatic provisioning profile is there as it should be, which it is

  • putting the iPhone in to restore mode, and reinstalling the latest iOS

The only thing I can think of is that it is a UK locked phone, with a UK SIM inside, and when I turn it on it gives me some ' waiting for activation ' message: http://cl.ly/0I390x2Z3E3A040V2J2h so maybe it is possible that it never activates and this is somehow a barrier. can anyone confirm?

( I doubt it is this; I'm pretty sure the phone is capable of activating itself even tho I'm not in the UK, seeing as I have the correct SIM card in. I remember one time reinstalling iOS or something similar, and it needed the activation. so I think it does successfully activate. However, I don't know how to check whether activation has completed or not. )

But I have successfully deployed a load of apps to this device in the past. I can't understand why XCode is digging its heels in today?!

PS the only other thing I can think of Short of buying new hardware is reinstalling Xcode, which I guess I will have to try at some point. maybe even reinstalling my MacBook's OSX. but really I can't see how this would help...

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I'd suggest checking your code-sign parameters. Maybe it's signed with app profile that doesn't have your device's UDID added through provisioning profile?

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Someone on IRC got me to try deploying a default template app, and that worked.

I subsequently removed and reinstalled the SDK, and the problem has gone away.

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