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in my app I want to have the "Share" Facebook thing in the items with a pre-defined message, so the user clicks in "Share" and gets redirected to the Allow/Deny page and after allowing, the pre-defined message is automatically posted in the user's facebook wall. What's the best gem for my problem(I am sure there is one :p)?


P.S: I looked at the facebooker gem but it seems out-of-date and I have to use the latest Rails 3.

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Take a look at some related questions. Is fb_graph or Koala gem better than facebooker2? and Which Facebook Ruby API

I'm currently using a custom solution for our facebook integration but I have been looking moving to a gem and these seem to be the main choices:

  1. koala
  2. fb_graph
  3. facebooker2

So far I agree with David from the "Which Facebook Ruby API" post and am leaning towards fb_graph because of its simplicity. It should handle your requirements without any problems, just take a look at the sample app.

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koala seems to a better choice, as the remaining gems are outdated. Either they support the old facebook API or are not in active development.

I am successfully using koala with rails 3.


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