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We have a Form Builder (web) application which allows users to design their forms dynamically. What could be best table structure to store the data submitted through these dynamically created forms?

I am thinking of attribute_name and attribute_value kind of thing? Are there any better alternatives any suggestion to be flexible enough with these two column structure?



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I am also trying to build a custom formbuilder for my app. Can i as if you have any references to doing this. I want to do something like Wufoo.com for my admin section. So i can easily build out multiple custom forms. –  kkampen Feb 18 '11 at 11:24

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I would definitely take a look at Pivot Tables : as you suggest, essentially you have one table which defines the columns contained in a parent object, and another table with an individual row for each attribute value. For dynamic forms, then, as attributes are added, they become rows in a database, not columns. Hope this helps.

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