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I have a webpage which includes a telerik grid in ajax mode. The data for the grid is constructed in the controller action used to serve the view, and then stored in the session. 90% of the time its available to the ajax method used to populate the grid. And sometimes its not, which is odd. Some sort of race condition ?

   public ActionResult EditImage(int productModelId, int revision)
        ViewBag.Current = "Edit";
        //Unit of work and repo generation removed from brevity
        var modelToEdit = prodModelRepo.Where(p => p.ProductModelID == productModelId && p.Revision == revision).FirstOrDefault();
        var vmie = new VMImageEdit(modelToEdit)
                          //init some other stuff
        Session["vmie"] = vmie;
        return View(vmie);

Now the telerik contorol will post back to _EISelect in order to populate its grid

  // Ajax Actions for EditImage
    public ActionResult _EISelect()
        var vmie = (VMImageEdit) Session["vmie"];
        return View(new GridModel(vmie.Colours));

So if my session object is null, how can I recover - I guess I need the productModelId and Revision parameters from the original EditImage call. Are they available in the _EISelect in any way - its posted to, and the post contains nothing useful.

Oh to make this possibly harder, this page will be displayed via an inline frame.

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The answer lies in the telerik ajax databinding - this can be used to pass arbitrary data in the querystring

.Select("_EISelect", "AdminProduct", new { productModelId = Model.ProductModelId, revision = Model.Revision})

which can be recovered in _EISelect as parameters. Simples.

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