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what I need is simple thing, I have string which cantains data - time retrived from mySQL in mySQL format HH:MM:SS YY-MM-DD what I need is to split this string in actionscript to array of numbers like this HH MM SS YY MM DD

so I can compare it with current time, any one know how to splite using multiple delimiters at first, then compare it with current time. this is my work until now

            var param:Array = datetime.split(" :-");

            var currentTime:Date = new Date();
            var seconds:uint = currentTime.getSeconds();
            var minutes:uint = currentTime.getMinutes();
            var hours:uint = currentTime.getHours();
            var days:uint = currentTime.getDay();
            var monthes:uint = currentTime.getMonth();
            var years:uint = currentTime.getFullYear();

            if(int(param[3]) > years)
                return years + " سنة ";
            if(int(param[4]) > monthes)
                return monthes + " شهر ";
            if(int(param[5]) > days)
                return days + " يوم ";
            if(int(param[0]) > hours)
                return hours + " ساعة ";
            if(int(param[1]) > minutes)
                return minutes + " دقيقة ";
            if(int(param[2]) > seconds)
                return seconds + " ثانية ";

            return param[0] + " يوم "; 


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To solve your specific question, you might consider replacing the characters to be the same, and then split on that one. Use datetime.replace(/[ :-]/g, "|") and then split on "|". (I didn't check the correctness of the regexp). What Tyler says is more elegant: datetime.split(/[ -:]/). I stand for the rest though:

What MySQL outputs (via php?) is a standard date notation. You could try and use the Date.parse(dateString) to get a timestamp from it, and convert that into a date object by passing it as the sole constructor parameter:

recordedTime = new Date(Date.parse(datetime));

You could then compare the two date objects directly.

if (recordedTime.getFullYear() > currentTime.getFullYear()) { ... }

Hope it helps.

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this is what I've been looking for, thanks so much – Khaled Feb 16 '11 at 10:14
thanks for the comment new, that was really helpful – Khaled Apr 3 '11 at 14:48

Split allows the delimiter to be a regexp, so you can say this or that. Something like this:


Good luck!

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I didn't know split() could take a regex, thanks @Tyler! But shouldn't the regex then be /[ -:]/ to make sure it splits on just one character? – epologee Feb 15 '11 at 9:13
Yes, @epologee's regex looks correct. – Tyler Egeto Feb 15 '11 at 21:43

You can use multiple characters, with separated by pipe |


make sure to use \ if you use ( ) and similar, so ( )

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