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Is there code available to convert POD to HTML in a similar manner as I'd like to run it over my CPAN distribution modules to see how they'll look before releasing.

The pod2html that comes with Perl seems rather outdated. It does quaint things like depositing temporary files in the current directory and creating links like "the so-and-so manpage", and the output is far inferior to the beautiful output of But not sure what other people are using.

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Actually, beauty is just a matter of building a stylesheet. – Alessandro Feb 14 '11 at 20:09
If only the code used to run was open source... sigh. – Ether Feb 14 '11 at 20:27
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I wrote pod2cpanhtml for exactly the reasons you describe.

It is only a tiny piece of code that makes use of Pod::Simple::HTML and the CSS but I find it very useful.

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Before I upload to CPAN, I check my POD by looking at it in a browser from

Form there, I click on Browse...

I navigate to the directory containing my code and double-click on the .pm file.

Then click on Submit Query.

It's the closest I've seen to the real thing.

See also pod2cpanhtml.

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Adding to mob's suggestions, I was quite happy with Pod::ProjectDocs. It needed few minor tweaks, but it looks more or less like CPAN.

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According to this perlmonks thread, the trick is to use Pod::HtmlEasy. Or maybe the trick is to use Apache::Pod::HTML. Or Pod::Tree? I don't know, but there are a few suggestions there.

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See also: – toolic Feb 14 '11 at 20:44

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