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PHP strip_tags use a whitelist for skip some tags that you don't want were get rid. Anybody knows some implementation but using a blacklist instead of a whitelist?

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A simple compound regex search would work (if this is still about your previous issue):

$html =
preg_replace("#</?(font|strike|marquee|blink|del)[^>]*>#i", "", $html);
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please, explain this part: [^>]* – texai Feb 23 '11 at 22:06
@texai: [^>]* is a common method for matching everything inside of HTML tags. It matches any number of characters that are not a closing > angle bracket. The regex part [^...] means a negated character class. – mario Feb 24 '11 at 7:18

Try this function posted by LWC on -

function strip_only($str, $tags, $stripContent = false) {
    $content = '';
    if(!is_array($tags)) {
        $tags = (strpos($str, '>') !== false ? explode('>', str_replace('<', '', $tags)) : array($tags));
        if(end($tags) == '') array_pop($tags);
    foreach($tags as $tag) {
        if ($stripContent)
             $content = '(.+</'.$tag.'[^>]*>|)';
         $str = preg_replace('#</?'.$tag.'[^>]*>'.$content.'#is', '', $str);
    return $str;

$str = '<font color="red">red</font> text';
$tags = 'font';
$a = strip_only($str, $tags); // red text
$b = strip_only($str, $tags, true); // text
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