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Free Source Control

Hey, I'm looking for a good version control system in .net.

Here is a list of requirements:

  1. I need to share code with other developers
  2. I want to go backwards when I found a problem at some point
  3. It should be easy to use and free to download, I cannot afford TFS

Thanks for your suggestions.

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I have had great success with Mercurial using Bitbucket. I love the notion of changesets instead of versions, and it makes merging a breeze. You should check out the HgInit tutorial to decide for yourself. Bitbucket has an integrated issue tracker and wiki, which I love (and is free for 5 users). There is a great plugin called HgScc for integration inside Visual Studio. If you have no loyalties to existing source control, Mercurial is a great place to start.

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