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In v1 of my model I have a one to many relationship between a presentation and slides:


In v2 I fix this foolishness by adding an inverse one to one:


In both models a slide belongs to 1 and only 1 presentation (although this is not codified within the models).

How do I specify the value expression in the mapping model to create the slide-->presentation relationship without creating an NSEntityMigrationPolicy subclass?

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As far as I can tell it is not possible to do this with a Value Expression in the mapping. The solution is to create a NSEntityMigrationPolicy subclass for the mapping.

In the NSEntityMigrationPolicy subclass override createRelationshipsForDestinationInstance:entityMapping:manager:error:. In this method fetch the related object with a standard NSFetchRequest executed in the managers destinationContext. Be sure to call super to ensure that any other relationships are also migrated.

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