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How can I underline an ListBoxItem in WPF? I'm using the following but the underline does not appear.

<DataTemplate x:Key="Phrase_List">
    <ListBoxItem IsSelected="{Binding IsDefault}">
        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=Phrase}" Tag="{Binding Path=ID}" TextDecorations="Underline"  />
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I don't know what code you are trying to use. Please try to complete your question. I've used the following code to underline the 'World' item in my little ListBox.

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You can use a textblock, and set the textdecorations property to underline. Remember the contents of a ListBoxItem can be things other than text, hence why it's not a simple case of setting some property on the ListBoxItem.

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You will need to create an item template that displays your text in a TextBlock control. On the TextBlock, set the TextDecorations property (which is a collection) to contain 'Underline'.

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<ListBox Name="lst">
      <ListBoxItem Content="item1" />
      <ListBoxItem Content="item2" FontStyle="Italic" FontWeight="Normal" />

In C#:

lst.Items.Add(new ListBoxItem { Content = "item 1" });
lst.Items.Add(new ListBoxItem { Content = "item 2" });
lst.Items.Add(new ListBoxItem { Content = "item 3" });

ListBoxItem l = (ListBoxItem)lstItems.Items[2];
li.SetValue(TextElement.FontStyleProperty, FontStyles.Italic);
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