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i want to display a table (like a footbal table) in silverlight in a windows phone 7 app. i was reading a bunch of articles on the www, but couldn't really understood what's the best way to approch this issue. i am new to silverlight, so some code would be really awsome. I keep the data i have to display in some Lists (List), but i could change this... any advices? thank you in advance!


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Due to the form factor [of almost all mobile devices] lists are much easier to read.
You will see this in the default templates for WP7.

There are various ways you can create a "table" in Silverlight. (I assume you are refering to a league table.) The easiest would probably be a grid or a templated list.

If you really must do this I would suggest having 2 different ways of displaying the data depending on screen orientation.

  • In the portrait orientation I would show a list with minimal statistics.
  • In the landscape orientation I would show a table layout which could include multiple statistics as there is more horizontal space.
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