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Hi I have a question about Html.ActionLink.


@Html.ActionLink(item.title, "Singlet", new { id = item.blog_id })

produces http://[url]/[controller]/Singlet/[id]

But what if I want to suffix some more arbitrary data at the end? For example:


To jump to the comments div. I know I can just make the string myself with something like:

@( new HtmlString(String.Format("<a href=\"Blog/Singlet/{0}/#comments\">link to comments</a>", item.blog_id)) )

But I am hoping there is a cleaner way, perhaps with ActionLink?


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Maybe something like this might work:

    new { id = item.blog_id }, 
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This worked perfectly. Definitely the right way to do it! –  Chris Mar 30 '13 at 20:39

You can do this instead:

<a href="@Url.Action("Singlet", new { id = item.blog_id })#comments">@item.title</a>
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Have a look at this answer and see if it helps:

Create a T4MVC ActionLink with hash/pound sign)

It looks like the feature was added in ASP.NET MVC 2, so it should be available in 3 as well. Here's the documentation for the ActionLink method:


Specifically, it looks like the fragment parameter is the one you're interested in.

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