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I have read the documentation at, but don't understand when the around_* callbacks are triggered in relation to before_* and after_*.

Any help much appreciated.


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around_* callbacks are invoked before the action, then when you want to invoke the action itself, you yield to it, then continue execution. That's why it's called around

The order goes like this: before, around, after.

So, a typical around_save would look like this:

def around_save
   #do something...
   yield #saves
   #do something else...
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That makes sense. Thanks! – gjb Feb 14 '11 at 23:38

The around_* callback is called around the action and inside the before_* and after_* actions. For example:

class User
  def before_save
    puts 'before save'

  def after_save
    puts 'after_save'

  def around_save
    puts 'in around save'
    yield # User saved
    puts 'out around save'
  before save
  in around save
  out around save
=> true
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For me this is the most illuminating answer. Thanks friend. – Arup Rakshit Oct 4 '14 at 19:58

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