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Co-worker needs a count of items which have an average below a threshhold.

I'm wracking my brain to no avail. In the back of my mind, I'm hearing that you can't do conditionals on aggregates, and therefore, we can't aggregate the conditionals.

Description is: Given multiple outage times for different objects in (specific months), Calculate availability. With Availability, get a count of those objects not meeting threshhold.

OK, sounds simple to me, but my conditions don't, and therefore my count won't.

Currently, she has:

Group by Month
  Group by Object
    Records of outage events, in seconds

  Sum (outage, object) in seconds  
  availability = (sec. in month - sum(sec. of outage) ) / (sec. in month)

From here, she would like a count of those objects w/ availability below a threshhold. The conditions don't render against a summary field -- which, in a way makes sense. CR has to pull back all records to get summaries in a second pass, and it would require a third pass to do logic (and counts) against the summaries.

I'm getting nowhere. Any ideas? We might be torqued on this one.

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Add'l comments: Outage Sum and Availability calcs work fine. 1) Conditional formula on the aggregate value fails I don't know if the Contionals on an aggregate are losing scope. 2) Count of the conditional formula fails. [Any better?] – Marc Feb 15 '11 at 16:01

I can't say this very often, but you're actually a little too specific. Here's what I understand:

  1. Your crystal report is grouped by month, then object. You have a numeric field you want to sum (let's called it {outage}). You then want to sum {outage} and then do some calculations on the sum.

  2. To do this in each group footer, use Sum({Outage},{Object}). Make sure to put this formula (and any other formulas that are dependent on it) in the group footer.

  3. To do this in the report footer, use Sum({Outage}). Make sure to put this formula (and any other formulas that are dependent on it) in the report footer.

Do this help? Am I missing anything?

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PowerUser -- Yes, I am too specific. You should see my posts when I don't have time to edit them down. ---------- :-( Nobody likes to read my emails at work, either. I hate using the Add Comment here, and I can't embed line feeds - hard to read. – Marc Feb 15 '11 at 15:47

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