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I am trying to use PuTTY to communicate over my computer's serial line. I have configured the correct serial line, baud rate, number of data bits, stop bits, parity, and flow control, and established the connection. When I click OK to open the connection, I am shown a black screen and each of my key presses are sent without being shown on the screen (the window remains black). How do I configure PuTTY so that it only sends my commands or opcodes after I press enter?

I have used PuTTY while at college for Telnet / SSH and it always showed my commands and input them only after I pressed the enter key, so I am a bit confused.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Consider playing with the settings named local echo and line editing. These settings are in the section 'line discipline options' in the Terminal panel.

Putty sometimes makes wrong choices because it tries to 'sense' the server configuration. Applied to serial line, this is a bit trickier.

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Thanks! This worked. I will be sure to vote up once I gain the privilege! –  tushark Feb 15 '11 at 2:45

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