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I am creating a simple CMS, and I want the admin to be able to insert HTML into the textarea and save the article to the db.

And when I display the article, I want to render the html markup/formatting for the article.

BUT, when I am showing a summary of articles, I show the title and a little blurb, how can I escape the HTML formatting in the article body when showing a summary?

I am currently doing:

<%= trim(article.body, :length => 100) %>

I tried adding h but that didn't work?

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Are you using rails 3?

If so, h is applied by default now, so use .html_safe to get unescaped text. See here: http://markconnell.co.uk/posts/2010/02/rails-3-html-escaping

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strip_tags might help as it did in my case.

<%= trim(strip_tags(article.body), :length => 100) %>
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Try using Javascript's InnerHTML function < script>
function change(){ document.getElementById("Show_Results").innerHTML = "here is html;
< /script>
< p onclick="change()" id="Show_Reults">Hey

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