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I'm looking for option for doing live streaming to Flash-based and iOS-based applications. I already have an application that uses Flash Media Server for live streaming and now I need to add iPhone and iPad to the mix.

I know that iOS devices don't support RTMP and I need to implement "HTTP live streaming". I also know that Wowza does support streaming to flash and iOS applications. Here are my questions:

1) As anyone been able to integrate a FMS application with iOS devices using anything else (open source or commercial)?

2) besides Wowza, is there another solution? maybe something using Red5 or FFMPEG?

Thanks in advance.

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it's generally possible to connect from an iphone / ipad to an fms application e.g. for multiuser-stuff or livestreams : you could use the cs5-iphone packager to generate an ipa.

But problem, that i found is posted here: Simple NetConnection to FMS raises CPU load to 90%

(Not occuring in iPad)

Cheers Peter

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interesting, but I;m looking fro a server side solution that allows me to use native code for each client: Flash (web), iPhone and iPad. Thanks Peter –  oscarm Feb 23 '11 at 16:02

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