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I tested this javascript in Chrome's Javascript console and it returned SyntaxError: Unexpected Identifier.

I got this code from a tutorial and was just testing Chrome's console so i expected it to work, unless I'm using the console wrong?


var visitorName = "Chuck";
var myOldString = "Hello username. I hope you enjoy your stay username.";
var myNewString = myOldString.replace ("username," visitorName);

document.write("Old String = " + myOldString);
document.write("<br/>New string = " + myNewString);


SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
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The comma got eaten by the quotes!

This part:

("username," visitorName);

Should be this:

("username", visitorName);

Aside: For pasting code into the console, you can paste them in one line at a time to help you pinpoint where things went wrong ;-)

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It is also a good idea to use some kind of hinter or an IDE that has syntax validation. – totymedli Jun 21 at 10:14


 var myNewString = myOldString.replace ("username," visitorName);


 var myNewString = myOldString.replace("username", visitorName);
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Write it as below

<script language="javascript">
var visitorName = 'Chuck';
var myOldString = 'Hello username. I hope you enjoy your stay username.';

var myNewString = myOldString.replace('username', visitorName);

document.write('Old String = ' + myOldString);
document.write('<br/>New string = ' + myNewString);


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You really should point out the problem. The OP didn't notice the comma on his/her own code, and isn't likely to spot the change. From a quick look, it looks like you're suggesting to use single quoted string instead of double quoted, which can be confusing - they are the same in JavaScript, but not in all languages (PHP, for one). – Kobi Feb 15 '11 at 5:26
I tried to place myOldString.replace('username', visitorName); in bold but some how if you are placing your code in code section it didn't output it bold. – ashish.chotalia Feb 15 '11 at 5:27
You can still edit your answer, of course. (Code's already bolded on SO.) – D_N Feb 15 '11 at 5:47

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