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I have been learning C# for three years and want to move from a beginner to to intermediate level.

I am thinking that reading and viewing code written by expert C# programmers will help me to write cleaner code myself. Where can I find such clean code online?

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what is your definition of clean code? –  Devendra D. Chavan Feb 15 '11 at 7:54
Slightly unrelated but maybe helpful, there is an entire SE dedicated to code reviews: –  Michael Stum Feb 15 '11 at 8:04

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Actually clean code is a very abstract term for me.

If you want to see a good C# code, look at Paint.NET's codebase. I know the author has stopped releasing the code these days, but older releases are still available.

Clean code is not the only way become a good programmer. The other things are

  • Understanding the design of how a thing should work
  • Unit Testing
  • Architecture design
  • In Arch design, make sure your business logic and UI logic are as separate as possible.

I would recommend you to get hold of the book Code Complete (Second Edition 1994) ISBN 978-0735619678 to learn how to become a good programmer. Reading good code does help, but that is not the only way to learn.

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You can also check the code in several highly ranked open source projects, especially the trunk.

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Literature is by far your best resource for this. I personally recommend O'Reilly, but there are many good authors out there. Online resources can tend to be a bit sketchy and unreliable, but here are some good, solid sites to get you started while your ordering some books:

MSDN tutorials: C# Tutorials

C# / XNA game tutorials:

and of course, this site! . Good luck!

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The sample code on Stack Overflow may be "clean", but that's usually because it's not production-ready. Taking out all the ugly error handling and guard clauses make things look a lot simpler, but don't do you any favors in the end. –  Cody Gray Feb 15 '11 at 8:07

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