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I receive an unhandled exception error like "Could not load file or assembly ‘abc, Version=....., Culture=neutral, PublicKey Token=null’ or one of its dependences."... something similar to this guys problem here.

Scenario 1: .Net 3.5. - abc.dll used by def.exe - abc.dll is obfuscated by VS 2008's Dotfuscator CE - works fine.

Scenario 2: upgraded to .Net 4.0 - abc.dll used by def.exe - abc.dll obfuscated by VS 2010's Dotfuscator CE- gives the above error but when continued works fine.. gives the same error while closing the application.

Scenario 2 works fine if not obfuscated.

Could you tell me what that error means and how to overcome it?

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Try turning on assembly binding logging to check what assemblies are probed and where is the name difference that you seem to be experiencing.

See this question for details how to do that.

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thanks tzup.. that helped.. –  user441660 Mar 3 '11 at 16:56

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